Healed by Faith

How great is our God that He heals people. Everytime I hear a testimony about healing I get goosebumps. There are many ways in which you can receive healing, it can be physical but also emotional and spiritual. In Mark 5:25-32 and Luke 8:43-48 we read about the woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years. This woman had spent everything she had on doctors to be healed but it only got worse. She heard about Jesus and came behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment.

She said, 'If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well'. - Mark 5:28

I shall be made well

I’m fascinated by this statement. I shall be made well. There is no doubt. This woman is sure that Jesus is the Healer. How can she be that sure? She had her blood flowing condition for twelve years. In the time she was living, this probably meant she was living as an outcast. Shunned by the people of the village. Seen as a woman who is unclean. She had to be poor, maybe not born, but certainly after she spent all she had on doctors. She heard about Jesus, the Healer. And she was gifted with faith. She knew she would be healed. She didn’t touch Jesus’ clothes thinking it can’t get any worse. This wasn’t a desparate action. This was a bold action of faith.

She who had done this thing

At the moment the woman touched His clothes, healing power had gone out of Jesus. He felt it happening and the woman felt she was healed. Jesus said, “Who touched me?”. And He looked around to see her who had done this thing. She did this thing. Yes, Jesus healed her. But He didn’t search for her to heal her. She came to Him. She came believing He would heal her. And He did. After she told Him the whole truth, He said to her “Daughter, your faith has made you well.” Jesus is the Healer and says that her faith has made her well. He doesn’t say I made you well. No, her faith has made her well.

Go in peace, and be healed - Mark 5:34

Be healed

Jesus doesn’t say you are healed. He says be healed and in some translations He says stay healed. Healing is not an one way thing. Healing brings us in relationship with Jesus. We don’t go to Jesus asking to be healed and leave again. When Jesus heals you, He is connecting with you. He is letting you know that you are precious and He loves you. He is reaching out to you. Blessing you with His gift of healing. And you should receive this gift with one hand and hold on to Jesus with the other hand. Don’t let His gifts slip out of your hand. It is yours and you can’t let anyone rob you of what He has gifted you.

Is healing for everyone?

Yes! Healing is for everyone. Of course when writing or talking about healing, I get questions like why are there people sick? Why doesn’t Jesus heal everybody? Well, I don’t know. Nobody knows. That’s a question to be answered when we go to Heaven. If these are questions you have right know, my question to you is: why do you ask? Yes, there are situations in which we are helpless. Situations we don’t understand. And that hurts. If this is what you are experiencing right know, let me tell you this my friend, this is the moment you should turn to Jesus. Let Him heal your broken heart. Grab His clothes truly believing that He will heal your heart.

Do you have faith that heals? Examine your heart, aks the Holy Spirit to bring to light what hinders you to have bold faith that heals.